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This page contains categorised links to the web sites of Trade Associations, Research Sources, Universities and Colleges and other useful general sources of information.


Business Information Resources:

The Information Services of the Textile Institute is an important benefit to all members, corporate and individual. Many of your questions fall into the categories below and we offer these links as a place to begin your information search. We would like to help you with your information requirements. If you do not find the information you require, please contact us. Check the menu selection "Information Services" on the left for details of our services.

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Alginate Bast Fibers Biofibres Cotton Flax
Leaf Fibers Luxury Hair Fibers Man-Made Cellulosics Manmade General Metal
Paper Polyester & Polyamide Silk Wool
Anti-allergenic Anti-bactrical Anti-static Biomemetics Bouyancy
Comfort & Ease Easy Care Fabric Sourcing Flame Resistant Health & Cosmetic
Impact Resistance Moisture Management Signalling Smart/Interactive Fabrics Temperature Regulation
UV Proctective Properties Weatherproof
Clothing/Textile Organizations Fashion/Textile Organizations General Technology Granting Organisations Misc Res Sites
Publishing Recruitment Textile Exhibition
Trade Associations
African American Asian Australian European
United Kingdom



Textile Institute Accredited Universities and Colleges:

The establishments listed here award qualifications which have been accredited as fulfilling the academic requirements for Associateship (CText ATI) and/or Licentiateship (LTI) of The Textile Institute.


Textile Institue Information Web Links:

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