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Table of Contents Issue: 2017 Issue 1



textiles was purchased and first published by The Textile Institute in 1990 with the aim of educating individuals interested in textiles, including clothing and footwear. Since then it has been repositioned as the Institute’s membership magazine, being mailed to members internationally on a quarterly basis. Each issue covers various aspects of the international fibre based textile industry, covering fibres, processes, production, and end uses from geotextiles and interiors to clothing and footwear.

Notes for Authors

Articles can cover any aspect of the fibre based industry, including automotive, architecture, fashion, footwear, retailing and colour. textiles as the membership magazine of The Textile Institute has to ensure that all aspects of the international fibre based industry are covered on a regular basis.

The magazine seeks to provide members and subscribers with a variety of readable, authoritative articles to extend their interest and understanding beyond their individual expertise. The aim is to provide topical material that updates the standard texts, opens-up new subjects and perspectives, and contributes to professional development. Readers come from a wide range of disciplines - arts, science, technology, management, economics, and fashion - united only by a professional interest in fibre based products.

Please remember that textiles is a magazine NOT a learned journal and as such articles should be newsworthy, if research then it needs to be ground breaking or covering a potential massive shift in the industry.

A typical article should be around 1500 words, with 5 illustrations. So as not to break the flow of the article, use may be made of made of boxes, isolated from the main text and containing such things as glossaries, elementary explanations, practical examples, details of experiments or specifications etc.

There are no rigid rules as to what is acceptable: controversial views are welcome; promotional material for products and services is also, provided it includes some solid background or technical content; commercial company information is of interest only in so far as it is evidence of radical innovation or important trends.

Images MUST be supplied. Line drawings, graphs or photographs are all acceptable ways of illustrating articles. Colour or black and white illustrations can be supplied, preferably as digital files and must be high resolution (minimum of 300dpi), ideally supplied as jpg files; prints, transparencies, original drawings, even printed publicity material can possibly be used but it will depend on the clarity of the image. Note, that digitised images suitable for internet presentations may not have sufficient detail for colour printing. It is the author's responsibility to obtain any necessary copyright clearance for images given to the editor.

Please avoid: Long lists of references to papers and hard-to-get specialist conference proceedings. If absolutely necessary for the understanding of the text please include in brackets in the text. Please note that reference to company names or journal titles should not be abbreviated. Articles received with a list of references will not be read or considered for publication and will be returned to the author to be changed.

Since textiles is not a medium for original research publication, there is a preference for articles by a single author, or a couple of co-authors. Other collaborators can, of course, be acknowledged. Articles may occasionally carry an autobiography at the discretion of the editor, sometimes accompanied by a head-and-shoulders photograph of the author, but only where this would add to the credibility of the article.

Articles should be submitted as an MS Word document, either via email or CD. If you are not able to submit in the usual way then please contact the editor to discuss other available formats.

Contributions are accepted on the understanding that permission to reproduce copyrighted material has been requested from the author and the publisher. Submission of a contribution for publication in textiles is understood to imply that the article is original, unpublished and is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Upon acceptance of an article for publication, authors will automatically assign the copyright of the article to The Textile Institute.

Contact the Editor: Vanessa Knowles


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The TI is pleased to announce the latest issue of its members magazine, textiles. This edition is offered in both digital and print versions. Institute members can read the digital edition in the "Members Only" section of this website.