Elections to Council

Annually, nominations are invited to fill vacancies  that will occur for membership of The Textile Institute’s Council. In the event of the number of candidates exceeding the number of vacancies, there will be a postal ballot of all voting members. Those elected will take office from the date of the next Annual General Meeting, which takes place in the month of May.

The Council is the Institute’s international governing body, and is composed of nominees from the duly constituted Section, National & Regional Committees and an equal number of members elected by the membership at large. The constitution of Council and the conduct of elections to it are closely governed by the Institute’s Charter and Byelaws.

Elected members normally serve for a period of three years, after which time they may submit themselves for re-election. However, no member may serve for more than three consecutive terms without taking a break of at least one year. Council normally meets at least five times a year.

It is from amongst its members that Council normally selects future Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Honorary Secretaries, Honorary Treasurers, and members of certain committees. It is important to ensure that Council is fully representative, so that it guides the Institute’s development in a way that reflects the wishes of its membership.

Please read the notes to ascertain whether you are eligible for election and to ensure that you complete the form correctly. Those who would be willing to offer themselves for nomination but do not know how to contact proposers or seconders should contact Stephanie Dick, Chief Executive Officer, well in advance of the closing date, who will work with the Honorary Secretary at TIIHQ.

It is impossible to be precise about the number of vacancies which occur annually because it is not yet known which current members will stand for re-election or be chosen to represent a particular geographical region.


All personal members of the Institute up to date with their subscription are eligible for nomination with the exception of (i) Ordinary Members (principally those under 25 years of age, unless they are Licentiates), (ii) those retiring members of Council who have served for nine consecutive years; (iii) undischarged bankrupts or those in similar circumstances; (iv) those who have failed to make payments ordered by courts of law; (v) those who have been convicted of a criminal offence involving dishonesty or deception; and (vi) those who have been disqualified from acting as trustees or company directors.

If there is any doubt about these conditions, the particular circumstances of the potential nominee should be set out in writing to the Honorary Secretary. It may be possible in certain limited cases to obtain exemption from these requirements.

Completion of Form

Each form must be signed by two members and by the nominee, all of whom must be Voting Members of the Institute. A separate form must be completed in respect of each candidate (but photocopies are acceptable as forms).

Biographical Details

Each nominee is required to submit electronically a brief biographical statement (to include current or most recent employment) in addition to a CV. If both documents are not received, the proposed nomination will not be processed. If a member is wishing to be re-elected, he/she must also provide a revised CV and biographical statement. Should a ballot be necessary, material from this statement will be included in the ballot documentation, which will also give the names of the proposer and seconder.

A short introductory note about the Council, the elections and a brief guide to eligibility is available via the document below. Please open the document to view the information.

Elections To Council Form 2018