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     Routes to Achieveing  Accreditation and Approved Educational Programs


The Textile Institute accredit a wide range of courses globally within all areas of textiles, clothing and footwear. Students who graduate from these courses can apply for their professional qualifications after a shorter period of work experience.

What are the Advantages of Accreditation to the Educational Establishment?

Accreditation of programmes benefits the establishment by:

  • setting the department/establishment in the focus of the world textile community
  • including the establishment in the listing of leading international textile education bodies
  • facilitating the maintenance of educational standards between different countries and specialisations
  • providing an indication of programme quality and excellence of provision by an international peer-assessment process
  • providing further opportunities for graduates to take up textiles-based careers

One application form should be completed per course.  The Professional Qualifications Committee will decide whether the course should be considered at LTI or ATI level.


Currently Accredited Programmes


The Textile Institute's brand is the international sign of excellence. Through this scheme the TI can award ‘Approved Status' to providers of in-house training, short courses, on-line delivery and programmes not otherwise eligible via the accreditation route.

Submission is by application form. Each course is assessed individually to ensure that the training on offer is of the highest standard and supports the continuous professional development of people employed within the textile, clothing and footwear industries.


Currently Approved Programmes:

Training Course Provider Courses
Advanced Academy for Development of Textile Technologists Diploma in Advanced Techniques of Textile Industry
Media Innovations eLearning Textiles and Clothing
London College of Fashion International Fashion Product Development
CFTI Chennai Diploma in Footwear Design and Production
CFTI Agra Diploma in Footwear Manufacture and Design
Bureau Veritas Essentials of Quality Technology, Quality and Testing
Nimkar Tek Certified Chemical Management Professional
The Textile Institute Introduction to Clothing: 6 Modules
  Understanding Garments
  Introduction to the Global Clothing Industry
  Size and Fit
  Fabric Knowledge
  The Product Development Process
  Garment Specifications
  Introduction to Textiles
Zero Waste Scotland ZWS Circular Economy Masterclasses for the Textiles Industry
University of Northampton Introduction to Bag Manufacture
Amin & Jahan Corporation Ltd Introduction to Modern Dyehouse Management


For Further Information, Please Contact The TI Professional Affairs Dept.

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