Corporate Member News: Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd

Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd. creates safety products for the aviation industry and is best known for its dominance of the ejection seat market. To date, Martin-Baker ejection seats have saved the lives of over 7500 aircrew around the world. Textiles and textile assemblies are essential to the success of our products. Our core values of technological and personnel excellence has been fundamental to Martin-Baker’s global success. These core values have been supported by participation and membership of The Textile Institute.

Martin-Baker relies on the courses organised and delivered by the TI to educate employees in many aspects of textiles. The “Introduction to Textiles” course, regularly run by the TI, has been required attendance for any Martin-Baker staff involved with the specification, procurement and utilisation of textiles. Our TI membership has encouraged networking throughout the textile world, helping us to learn from allied industries and academic sources. Martin-Baker also benefits from the professional qualifications programme. We use the TI qualifications to motivate and encourage our personnel to professionally develop and as an outward sign of their skills and knowledge to our customers. We also utilise TI publications as excellent resources for education and insight into the world of textiles. These texts form an important part of our internal training library. As Martin-Baker continues to utilise and exploit the properties of textiles, membership in The Textile Institute will remain an integral part of our organisation to remain market leaders.