Textile Institute Professional Qualifications

Why Apply?

Many people have accomplished professional achievements and contributions which are not recognised through academic qualifications alone. The attainment of a professional qualification is the clearest way of demonstrating possession of a sound knowledge of the industry and a high standard of professional competence.

Internationally Recognised

TI professional qualifications are acknowledged by many national governments, as well as by employers establishing that the holder has proved their ability to practice.


Licentiateship (LTI) – a good level of knowledge and 1–5 years work experience depending on route apply here

Associateship (CText ATI) – a high level of knowledge and specialism in at least one area 2-10 years experience depending on route apply here

Fellowship (CText FTI) – a major personal creative contribution apply here

If you are interested in applying or discussing your options then please contact runsworth@textileinst.org.uk

Next closing date for 2017
22 September 2017: Committee meeting 3 October 2017

Qualifications Leaflet