Whether you are just starting your career in Textiles, looking for a new challenge or are established in your chosen profession, TI membership benefits are hand-picked to help you to succeed. With over 100 years of experience in the Textile Industry, we can help you stand out from the crowd no matter where you are in your career. The TI not only gives you the credibility of being part of a respected Chartered Professional Body with the opportunity to enhance your qualifications through membership, but also offers a whole host of other member benefits.

More Information on Individual Membership: Member Benefits


  •  Register a Special Interest 
  • SIGs & Sections- Take part and network at local events
  • Members are listed on the TI’s online Membership Directory
  • Competitions held annually at the TI, local Sections and SIGs


  • Access to international events and major exhibitions worldwide
  • Attend short courses and seminars
  • Access to the Directory of international presenters held at TI 
  • Use of the TI Facebook and twitter pages to share news and find out about upcoming events

Recruitment Service

  • Vacancies updated on the TI website
  • Access to textile professionals and consultants
  • Members can join the register of consultants


  • Receive ‘textiles’ magazine 3 issues a year
  • Members receive a 20% discount on books
  • Various newsletters throughout the year
  • TT&D available online at a substantial discount
  • Membership Directory: In digital format – search for textiles professionals




Professional Qualifications

  • Qualifications awarded under the authority of the Royal Charter
  • Qualifications recognise and endorse academic knowledge & professional experience
  • Qualifications demonstrate commitment to professional development
  • Worldwide Course accreditation for degree and other programmes
  • Worldwide course approval scheme for in-house & online training courses

 Information Service

  • Use of Lord Barnby foundation library
  • Searchable online library catalogues

 Medals & Awards

  • Member awards for service to the Institute
  • Young Persons awards and competitions
  • Industry awards for outstanding achievement