Apparel knowledge hub, MOTIF, granted ‘Approved with Credit’ status by the TI

MOTIF's online courses address the industry need for evolving skillsets

The Textile Institute, dedicated to promoting professionalism in all areas of the textile industry, is pleased to announce it has granted the ‘Approved with Credit’ status to three of MOTIF’s principal online courses:

Mechanics of Fit, published by Alvanon, Apparel Costing, by Alvanon and Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre ( and Sustainability in Fashion, published by Pratt’s Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator (BF+DA).

MOTIF is the apparel knowledge hub that connects professionals around the world with the skills and industry expertise they need to transform their businesses and careers. MOTIF addresses the industry need for evolving skill sets and continuous professional development. Its educational and training platform comprises online training in important industry topics across the supply chain that cover fundamental, technical, business and creative skills. MOTIF is working with top industry practitioners from around the world to develop world-class courses that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere.

As a chartered professional body working to promote professionalism in textiles and its related industries worldwide, the TI can award ‘Approved Status’ through its Course Approval scheme, to providers of in-house training, short courses, on-line delivery and programmes not otherwise eligible via the accreditation route.

In addition to Approved status, the TI is also able to assign credit to approved courses where candidates have set assessment outcomes, as in the case of MOTIF courses. This credit can then be used towards gaining TI professional qualifications, showing a commitment to lifelong industry learning which boosts employability.

The TI assess each submitted course individually to ensure that the training on offer is of the highest standard and supports the learning needs of people employed within the textile, clothing and footwear industries.

“These TI approvals constitute a strong recognition of the quality of our online courses and reflect MOTIF’s and our publishing partners’ commitment to continuous professional development and upskilling of the industry,” commented Catherine Cole, Executive Director for MOTIF.

Rebecca Unsworth, Textile Institute’s Executive Director stated: “The Textile Institute’s brand is the international sign of excellence. The scope and depth of the Motif courses demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development and understanding wider issues within the apparel industry. The Textile Institute is absolutely delighted to approve these innovative courses and continue working with MOTIF in the future.”

As part of its course quality assurance practices, MOTIF intends to regularly seek relevant course approvals or accreditation from leading industry bodies.