Fashion Design Drawing Course

  • Published:
    • 2003
  • Format:
    • Paperback
  • ISBN:
    • 9780500284360

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Organised into units to reflect the courses of top design colleges, this book covers every aspect of fashion illustration, from finding the inspiration for fabulous designs to the techniques that will allow you to put your ideas across with irresistible effect. Long before they were let loose on the fashion world, designers like Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford began by mastering the art of refining ideas on the page. The Fashion Design Drawing Course will steer you safely through the perilous catwalk of fashion illustration, so that catching the essence of a design, the swirl of a fabric, and the intensity of colour will become suddenly, brilliantly possible. • Introduces the reader to the fundamentals of mark-making, composition, space and form • Explains how to convey instantly the key shapes and moods of a theme • 24 step-by-step units examine the art of fashion illustration, with examples from top designers and outstanding students • Learn how to build a research sketchbook, with swatches, cuttings and sketches, and the best ways to transform it into an eye-catching portfolio.

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