Science in Design – Solidifying Design with Science and Technology

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By Tarun Grover, Mugdha Thareja

There is an important overlap between science and design. The most significant technological developments cannot be produced without designers to conceptualize them. By the same token, designers cannot do their job properly without a good understanding of the scientific or technical principles that are being developed within the product. Science in Design: Solidifying Design with Science and Technology reveals the significance of the essential yet understudied intersection of design and scientific academic research and encompasses technological development, scientific principles, and the point of overlap between science and design.

  • Encourages readers to comprehend the role of science in all facets of design
  • Discusses the fundamental involvement of science required for engineering and design irrespective of whether the design is from an individual, business, or social perspective
  • Covers the ontology, characteristics, and application of science in major fields of design education and design research, with an introduction of emerging practices transforming sustainable growth through applied behavioral models
  • Depicts the art and science of material selection using new design techniques and technology advances like augmented reality, AI, and decision-support toolkits

This unique book will benefit scientists, technologists, and engineers, as well as designers and professionals, across a variety of industries dealing with scientific analysis of design research methodology, design lifecycle, and problem solving.

Published: 2020

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