Professional Qualifications FAQs

Do I have to be a member of The Textile Institute?

Yes. All applicants must be a member of The TI. You can apply for membership here.

How does the application process work?

Once you have sent your application form and fee, we contact your referees. When all references have been provided, the application is put forward to the Professional Qualifications Committee at the next available meeting. Your application is then assessed and the committee decide whether the qualification should be awarded. They may request more information or clarification. If successful, the Council are given a week to ratify the decision. Once ratified, you will be contacted with information about how to register your qualification. You will then receive a certificate and confirmation letter.

How many referees do I need?

This depends on which route you are applying through. You can find more information on routes here.

My degree was accredited by The Textile Institute, does that mean I am already Chartered?

If your degree was/is accredited by the TI you still need to apply. This would be a route B application which only requires one referee.

I graduated a while ago and my degree does not exist anymore or is no longer accredited. Can I still apply as a route B?

Yes. As long as your degree was accredited at the time that you graduated you can still apply through route B.

Do my referees have to be Chartered Members?

No. We advise that you pick referees who hold CText ATI or CText FTI but this is not a requirement. The most important thing is that your referees know your work within the textile industry well.

How much do I have to pay? 

Application and registration fees vary depending on which qualification you are applying for. To download information regarding fees, click here.

Do I have to renew my qualification?

No. Once you have paid your registration fee you are a holder of your qualification as long as you are a member.

I’ve lost my certificate! What do I do?

Email quoting your name and membership number. A replacement certificate can be produced for £30 plus postage.