The Textile Institute Foundation

The Textile Institute Council aims to raise some GBP£100,000 (on top of membership fees), not just to keep the current levels of service but to raise the organisation to a new operational order better suited to the membership of the 21st Century. The Trustees have launched a Foundation which will build on an already strong base and provide support for future growth. Money within the Foundation is separately recognised and administrated within the Institute’s accounts and will be overseen by the Honorary Officers. Donations raised thus far have been invested in redeveloping the TI website, improving the infrastructure such as IT and library facilities and increasing the Institute’s visibility through promotional activities.

Three donor nomenclatures are proposed and each will receive benefits:

Benefactor – for donations of GBP£5000 +
A bespoke package of benefits tailor made for you or your organisation (excluding TIWC)

Supporter – for donations of GBP£1000- £4999
Your Individual Name listed in textiles
Your Individual Name listed in the Annual Report
One full ticket to a Textile Institute event per annum (excluding TIWC)

Friend – for donations from GBP£100 – £999
Name listed in the Annual Retport

In addition:

We welcome anonymous donations of any amount, from anyone, at any time.

We welcome ideas for fundraising and encourage all Sections and Special Interest Groups to consider ways of generating income locally.

We welcome expertise and support in kind – for marketing and special events particularly.

A number of fundraising measures were introduced in 2015 and it is hoped that in 2017 the Foundation Fund team will continue to receive donations, and get involved in new and exciting projects for the benefit of members worldwide. Members are welcome and encouraged to come forward with ideas and proposals which will continue in funds being raised.

To Donate

If you are a member of the Institute, you can donate by logging into the members-only area and making a donation by adding this to your basket.

The Textile Institute welcomes donations and project ideas from industry and non-members. If you would like to make a donation or make a proposal, please contact Stephanie Dick, Chief Executive Officer via email (email in same blue as on benevolent page)

For UK tax payers, don’t forget to Gift Aid your donation.

Our thanks go to the following members who have generously donated to the appeal. 



Dr J D Cunning CompTI

The Textile Institute Hong Kong Section Ltd


Mr D S Buck CText FTI FCFI

Dr P H Dinsdale CText FTI

Sir N B Smith CBE CText FTI

The Textile Institute Lahore Section


Lord Alliance CompTI, Dr K Baird CText FTI, Mr D G Bell CText FTI, Mr M J Blake CText ATI, Ms K M Bull CText ATI, Mr C B Byford CBE CText ATI, Mr P Byrom OBE CText FTI, Mr B Campbell JP CText FTI, Dr G Carnaby CText FTIMs M L Cheng CText ATI ACFI, Mr W Clayton CText ATI, Mr J C Cullen CText ATI, Dr J D Cunning CompTI, Mr A Dandolo Hon FTI, Mr S R K Dawber CText FTI, Dr G Ford, Mr B B De Vince CText ATI, Mrs S L Dick, Mr M Fisher ACFI, Mr R R Franck CText FTI, Prof J C Furniss CText FTI, Mr E J Gordon CText ATI, Dr H Gordon-Williams CText FTI, Mr A Gunter, The Lord Haskel CompTI CText ATI, Dr S C Harlock CText FTI, Mr W R Hartley CText ATI, Dr Lubos Hes Hon FTI CText FTI, Mr P W Hetherington CText FTI, Mr D Hibbert LTI, Dr K W Hillier, Mr W K J Hollows CText ATI, Dr I Holme CText FTI, Mr R Holmes CText ATI, Mrs M E Humphries, Miss W C Ip CText ATI, Prof H W Krause Hon FTI CText FTI, Dr G A Leaf CText FTI, Mr D R Lawrance LTI, Mr R H Lawrence CText FTI, Dr Shu Sum Leung, Mr W A MacKenzie CText ATI, Rev B McCarthy CText FTI, Mr D Maloney CText ATI, Mr P V Mehta CText FTI, Mr H Memon CText ATI, Mr M Mladek CText ATI, Mr G Moorhouse CText ATI, Mr N Morley, Prof R Murray CText FTI, Mr C N Nathan CompTI CText FTI, Mr J M Parkinson CText FTI, Dr S Rajendran CText FTI, Dr G D Robinson CText FTI, Mr L Rubin CText ATI, Mr R S Rubin CompTI CText FTI FCFI, Sir A Smith CompTI, Prof S M Spivak CText FTI, Mr B Start CText FTI, Mrs M Taylor CText ATI, Miss C Thenuwara CText FTI, Mr D B Tillman, Mr R Twittey CText ATI, Mr J Wilson OBE Comp TI, Mr D H Woolliscroft CompTI CText ATI, Dr P C M Wong CText FTI FCFI, Mr E Yeung CText ATI and Ms C P A Yim CText ATI