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Nominations For Medals And Awards 2021

This form must be completed and submitted by a Member of The Textile Institute who wishes to nominate someone or an organisation for an award. This form cannot be completed or submitted by the person(s) or organisation nominated for an award. Please refer to the award criteria before completing this form. All fields indicated * are required.

Nominations for Industry Awards can be made by one member and one non-member.

Nominations for Member Awards can be made by members only.

    1. Details of Proposer and Supporter

    Please enter Textile Insitute Membership number:

    Please enter Textile Insitute Membership number:

    2. Details of the proposed Recipient

    Reason for Proposal / Nomination (approx. 500 words) use more paper if required:

    3. Supporting Evidence

    (Supporting evidence may include awards, prizes, and/or patents, publications.)

    For Awards and prizes please list the Award, the Awarding Institution and the date awarded. For publications please include all publication details – authors, title of papers/books/journals, dates.

    No more than 500 words is required.

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    If you would like to download the form and email it to the Institute please send it to for the attention of the Medals and Awards Secretary , please click the button below.

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