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Textile Terms and Definitions published by The Textile Institute since 1954 is generally regarded as the established, most authoritative and comprehensive English-language reference manual of textile terminology. This unique website enables the user to access the latest and most up to date definitions available. Entries are grouped according to relevant industry sections which can be accessed directly. Individual terms can be accessed by typing into the search box. A full definition list can be accessed by clicking on the alphabetical letters. All entries are cross-referenced for completeness in any search so if the term you are looking for is common to several sections, all the relevant links will be shown.

Technical Editor
  • Dr William Oxenham Hon FTI CText ATI PhD BSc Abel C Lineberger Professor & Associate Dean, North Carolina State University, USA
Professional Editor
  • Miss Rebecca Price FCLIP MSc BA (Hons)
    Executive Director, The Textile Institute, UK
TT&D Committee
  • Chair Ms Vanessa Wakefield
    Managing Director, Pebble International, UK

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