Terms of Reference for The Textile Institute Benevolent Committee

The general terms of reference for The Textile Institute Benevolent Committee are to uphold the spirit of the former Textile Institute Benevolent Society’s objectives while focusing on the specific needs to:

  • Advise Council on the management of the Institute’s funds earmarked for benevolent activities.
  • Disburse income on behalf of Council derived from these earmarked investments and from donations made by members for benevolent purposes.
  • Apportion a certain fraction of the disposable income available each year for the purposes of supporting student attendance at The Textile Institute World Conferences.
  • Assist members who are in financially difficult circumstances with the costs associated with maintaining their Institute membership and professional qualifications.
  • Assist members, past members and dependants who make reasonable requests for financial support to maintain their well-being during times of hardship.
  • Assist the Institute to undertake its charitable activities.
  • Produce an annual report to Council regarding the Committee’s activities.

Organise on behalf of Council annual nominations and elections for membership of the Committee.

It was agreed that firm guidelines for the consideration of applications for assistance would be useful and the following were agreed:

  • A minimum of three years continuous membership at the time of the application will be required before an application can be considered.
  • Provided that the condition of the above is met, assistance for unemployed members will be met.
  • Further applications to be presented to the Committee.
  • Assistance to be given for a maximum of three years.
  • The maximum grant will be half the ordinary full membership fee. In the case of members on a reduced subscription, the grant will be their reduced membership subscription or half the ordinary full subscription, whichever is the lesser.

Members who wish to seek assistance are to contact the Secretary to the Benevolent Committee, Stephanie Dick, Chief Executive Officer via email sdick@textileinst.org.uk