Medals and Awards

Under the authority of the TI Council, a number of Medals and Awards are conferred upon individuals and organisations in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the textile industries and/or the work of the Textile Institute itself.

The Textile Institute awards to both members and non-members although only members are able to submit nominations.

The Textile Institute’s awards have a number of categories in key industry areas, such as: sustainability, international research, innovation, young talent, design and more.

Do you know of any aspiring talent or feel someone needs to be recognised for their creative contribution to the textile industries? If you think an organisation or individual should be applauded for their innovation, please complete the Medals and Awards nomination form below.

Medals and Awards nomination form 2018

Nominations for the Medals and Awards 2018 are now open until 17 June and should be returned to:

Below is list of Member and Non-Member Awards which the Institute currently awards. Those marked with an asterisk* are currently presented.

Member Awards

Companionship of The Textile Institute Membership*

Instituted in 1956 and limited to 50 living members. Council may grant the status of Companion Member of the Institute to any member who has attained the age of 40 and who has, in the opinion of the Council, substantially advanced the general interests of the textile industry. This award is made to an Institute member only.

S Albini, The Lord Alliance, Prof Subhash Anand MBE CText FTI, Sir Harold G Aston, W Barnes, W Bohm, H M F Carrington, C Z Carroll-Porczynski, R R Catty,  N Cerruti, C M Cha, C H Colton, C H Crabtree, A G Crowther, J D Cunning, A Dandolo, ME Davies, MJ Denton, R G Denyer, D H Dickinson, J Ewing, J G Evans, Margaret Fels, The Lord Fleck, A Frame, H J Gerber, Sir Ernest W Goodale, R W H Goodall, L R Goodman, S Goodman, H G Greg, J M H Grey, S B Hainsworth, Sir John C Hanbury-Williams, Sir Cyril E Harrison, The Lord Haskel, P E J Held, C Henniker-Heaton, F Heywood, E W Hirst, G G Hopkinson, J Hyman, D JayavarthanaveluE Y Johnston, G H Jolly, K Jowsey, The Lord Kearton, R J Kerr-Muir, S Kyong, F A Legler, G J Mauretti, K Mayer, N G McCulloch, D S McKelvey, J R McPhee, R Milliken, D B Moore, F B Moore, R Murray, C N Nathan, J A Nasmith, S F Peshall,  R P Poddar, K G Ponting, The Viscount Rochdale, Helen Rowe CText FTI, R S Rubin, S P Sapra, J F Sebire, A Searll, A Serra, J H Shaw, C V Silver, R G Stoll, E G Smalley, Sir Alan Smith, J T Smith, P W Smith, F T Sobey, K N Sreenivasan, F M Stevenson, P Steverlynck, Sir E Raymond Streat, K Sung, G Thomson, E Thornton, T A Tolley, J Torra-Balari, G M Varley, J F Vickers, W R Wadsworth, Sir Walter Ward, Sir Robert J Webster, P B F Whitaker, C Wilson, J R Wilson, L G Wilson, W T Winterbottom, Z-D D Woo, D H Woolliscroft, The Lord Wright of Ashton-under Lyne.

Deceased companions are indicated by the use of italic type.

Honorary Fellowship*

First awarded in 1928 and the highest honour within the Institute’s gift for creativity and the advancement of knowledge achieved by an individual as a result of ingenuity and application over many years. It covers all occupational areas of the Institute’s work including science, technology, marketing and management. This award is made to an Institute member only.

Air Vice Marshall G H Ambler, 1960, S Backer, 1973, N Balasubramanian, 2005, Heinz Bachmann, 2011, W L Balls, 1942, A Barella, 1997, A W Bayes, 1970, F Casablancas, 1941, D A Clibbens, 1949, C F Cross, 1928, F W Dry, 1971, HRH the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1960, J Fan 2010, D Finlayson, 1964, P Grosberg, 1988, K Gutzwiller, 2008, C Haller, 2008, S C Harland, 1954, J W S Hearle, 1984, Prof L Hes, 2008, T Hindle, 1967, S M Ibrahim, 1995, J Kasparek, 1994, S Kawabata, 1996, F K Ko 2010, V K Kothari, 2007, R Kozlowski, 2008, H W Krause, 1990, I Krucinska, 2006, Prof R M Laing, 2008, H Locher, 1985, H Lowe, 1928, Dr T Matsuo 2012, H F Mark, 1985, H Mauersberger, 1979, A Melville, 1965, F B Mercer, 1987, J W Nasmith, 1931, G Natta, 1968, M Niwa 2010, W Oxenham, 2009, E J D Poole, 1974, R Postle, 2009, G F Raper, 1960, L Rebenfeld, 1992, P Schlack, 1963, R L Shishoo, 1999, J B Speakman, 1951, A Steiner, 1998, A Stell, 1946, M Straub, 1993, K Sung (posthumous award) 2010, X M Tao 2010, C F Topham, 1934, Prof Samuel Ugbolue CText FTI, 2011, A Varga, 1981, C S Whewell, 1979, J R Whinfield, 1955, C M Whittaker, 1946, H Zahn, 1981, H Zollinger, 1989.

Honorary Life Membership*

First awarded in 1979 and the highest award granted for service to the Institute. It recognises outstanding, exceptional, and sustained service to the Institute in the furtherance of its Charter objectives and to the textile industry generally. Award to be made at the discretion of Council.

S L Anderson, 1993, A J Booth 2010, D Brunnschweiler, 1995, P W Carlene, 1982, M G Catlow, 1994, C H Edwards, 1985, J W S Hearle, 1998, J F H Hinton, 1994, M N Holmes, 1994, H Locher, 1995, R G K MacEwen 2010, M Macleod, 1991, R Marks, 1997, J G Martindale, 1988, G McLeavy, 1990, J R McPhee, 1998, J A Nasmith, 1979, J F Sebire, 1986, P D Smith, 1996, D C Snowden, 1981, W S Sondhelm, 1989, J D Spencer, 1992, P P Townend, 1986, C S Whewell, 1987, P J P Wierks, 1991, L A Wiseman, 1987.

The Institute Medal*

The oldest award of the Institute, inaugurated in 1921. An award which recognises distinguished service to the industry and to the Institute in general. This award is made to an Institute member only.

A Abbot, 1932, T B Altham, 1988, S L Anderson, 1962, E R B Ankers, 1983, H Ashton, 1949, D Babbs, 1981, A R Baines, 1959, K Baird, 1994, J Balloul, 1987, A Barella, 1972, A F Barker, 1931, R A Barnhardt, 1988, F W Barwick, 1933, A W Bayes, 1949, C H Bayley, 1973, G A Bennett, 1966, H Binns, 1935, M Bona, 1989, A W Bonas, 1996, W T Boothman, 1931, J Boulton, 1962, F Bradbury, 1931, D Brunnschweiler, 1973, D R Buchanan 2010, F H Burkitt, 1982, G A Carnaby, 1997, M Chaikin, 1987, Dr S K Chaudhuri 2013, K K Chan, 1986, F Charnley, 1967, C H Crabtree, 1965, J Crompton, 1930, W Crossley, 1955, N Cryer, 1970, P W Cunliffe, 1955, J E Dalton, 1936, A Draper, 1951, W A Dutton, 1958, C H Edwards, 1973, J Emsley, 1937, W English, 1953, Escada A G, 1993, F W Eurich, 1937, D C Finlay-Maxwell, 1993, P W Foster, 1998, R R Franck, 1998, V D Freedland, 1967, W Frost, 1930, Dr K L Gandhi 2012,  Sir G Garnett, 1939, H G Greg, 1950, H P Greg, 1931, Sir E W Goodale, 1954, D I Griggs, 1979, P Grosberg, 1972, G Haigh, 1946, D S Hamby, 1995, J B Hamilton, 1983, W L Hardacre, 1964, A D Harverd, 1986, J Hasegawa, 1991, Lord Simon Haskel 2010, J W S Hearle 2010, F R Hill, 1965, G T Holmes, 1981, E Honegger, 1981, W Howarth, 1954, A Humberston, 1966, J C H Hurd, 1968, K C Jackson, 1997, I K Jacobsen, 1999, E B Jones, 1971, R T S Kempton, 1986, K W L Kenchington, 1961, W Kershaw, 1932, H E Knobil, 1987, H W Krause, 1985, Dr Rohana Kuruppu CText FTI FCFI, 2011, P K H Lai, 1980, R S L Lai, 1985, Prof R M Laing Hon FTI CText FTI, 2015, Dr G A V Leaf, 2018, J K Lee, 1990, J H Lester, 1921, M Lipson, 1977, W W L Lishman, 1939, G Loasby, 1957, R K G MacEwen, 1998, J P Mackenzie, 1994, W G Macmillan, 1964, G E Macpherson, 1989, H Marsden, 1958, J G Martindale, 1974, F R McConnel, 1930, J E McIntyre, 1993, G McLeavy, 1974, J T Millington, 1995 , W Moerdoko, 1995, G Moores, 1939, T Morley, 1936, W E Morton, 1952, M K Mukhopadhyay, 1979, A F B Nall, 1965, C Nanjundayya, 1969, F Nasmith, 1931, M Nava, 1976, H Nisbet, 1931, W Nutter, 1967, A Ormerod, 1999, J G Parikh, 1977, H L Parsons, 1968, A Pollard, 1966, E J D Poole, 1972, R Postle 2010,  T A Pressley, 1979, G A T J Raes, 1982, M Rafi, 1983, L Rebenfeld, 1978, G Robinson, 1963, T F Robinson, 1930, The Viscount Rochdale, 1986, F Scholefield, 1951, P A Senn, 1985, F P Slater, 1938, J A Smith, 1992, H Sneyd, 1969, D C Snowden, 1976, W S Sondhelm, 1971, A M Sookne, 1985, M Sotton, 1992, H Spibey, 1960, K N Sreenivasan, 1985, J A Stryckman, 1989, P J Stucki, 1990, K Sung, 1983, Z Szaloki, 1985, Dr Surinder Tandon CText FTI, 2011, F A Testore, 1991, C G Tewksbury, 1993, H A Thomas, 1969, G H Thompson, 1946, Hilda Thornton, 1971, F C Toy, 1956, E R Trotman, 1975, M C Tubbs, 1992, D W F Turpie, 1991, N V Ullal, 1970, A R Urquhart, 1963, D P Veldsman, 1977, J J Vincent, 1968, W R Wadsworth, 1952, W H Webb, 1937, W Wegener, 1984, C S Whewell, 1954, E M H Wildt, 1950, C G Winson, 1970, L A Wiseman, 1978, J C Withers, 1946, F Wright, 1935.

The Textile Institute Warner Memorial Medal

Inaugurated in 1930 to perpetuate the memory of Sir Frank Warner. The medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding work in textile science and technology, the results of which have been published, and particularly for work published in the Journal of the Textile Institute. This award is made to an Institute member only.

J Amirbayat, 1999, S L Anderson, 1964, M W Andrews, 1985, W T Astbury, 1935, A Barella, 1979, Research Staff of the British Cotton Industry Research Association, 1934, G A Carnaby, 1986, A B D Cassie, 1946, H Catling, 1969, M Chaikin, 1980, N H Chamberlain, 1955, Dr X Chen 2013, D A Clibbens, 1947, CSIRO, Wool Research Laboratories, Australia, 1974, G F Davidson, 1948, M J Denton, 1978, D A Derrett-Smith, 1947, Prof J Fan CText FTI, 2014, R G Fargher, 1952, G A R Foster, 1948, K Greenwood, 1977, P Grosberg, 1968, D Margaret Hannah, 1959, J W S Hearle, 1967, I Holme, 1995, F O Howitt, 1962, L Hunter, 1994, S Kawabata, 1987, W R Lang, 1966, J Lappage, 1993, G A V Leaf, 1981, E Lord, 1958, P R Lord, 1991, J G Martindale, 1951, J A Matthew, 1931, J R McPhee, 1971, R Meredith, 1954, W E Morton, 1957, D L Munden, 1984, M Niwa, 1992, W J Onions, 1973, J D Owen, 1975, W Oxenham, 1996, F T Pierce, 1946, D E A Plate, 1990, R Postle, 1983, J M Preston, 1956, S A Shorter, 1949, J Skelton, 1985, K Slater, 1997, S G Smith, 1963, J B Speakman,1931, D S Taylor, 1970, J J Thwaites, 1982, L H C Tippett, 1950, P P Townend, 1961, L R G Treloar, 1972, A J Turner, 1931, A R Urquhart, 1946, C S Whewell, 1960, K J Whiteley, 1988, H J Woods, 1938, G R Wray, 1976, H Yan, 1989, H Zahn, 1965.

The Textile Institute Service Medal*

First awarded in 1940. Granted for valuable service to The Textile Institute. This award is made to an Institute member only.

H Adam, 1999, P O Adegbile, 1985, S Amin, 1994, S C Anand, 1998, C M Atkinson, 1989, W G Aldridge, 1978, W C Arnold, 1982, W Atherton, 1968, K D Audsley, 1985, S B Bandyopadhyay, 1987, H C Barnes, 1949, S R Beech, 1988, H S Bell, 1961, C N Berczi, 1987, T Bleakley, 1963, J H Black, 1962, A J Booth, 1987, J Boyd, 1961,  D Bramley, 1965, A Brearley, 1975, F C Brown, 1972, K E Buhler, 1987, M S Burnip, 1975, S Burtonwood, 1971, P C Byrom, 1992, P W Carlene, 1977, M G Catlow, 1977, W A Chantry, 1997, M L Cheung, 1988, C O Clark, 1964, A F W Coulson, 1960, G H Crawshaw, 1993, J David, 1972, P Dinsdale 2013 (posthumous), M J Denton, 1997, A H Dhondt, 1998, E B Dissanaike, 1980, H J Dorman, 1950, K Douglas, 1986, A R Down, 1940, C H Edwards, 1962, W A Edwards, 1963, A Ellis, 1990, D M Elson, 1996, F Farnell, 1970, J E Ford, 1981, A I Ganaie, 1996, K L Gandhi, 1988, W Garner, 1959, I Glasman, 1981, J R S Goodall, 1955, D Greaves, 1978, P F Greenwood, 1999, R E Griffith, 1985, J C Guthrie, 1968, P W Harrison, 1992, H Harvey, 1998, D J Heffer, 1996, G H Hotte, 1979, C Howden, 1966, F O Howitt, 1958, R E Hunt, 1995, J C H Hurd, 1954, J A Illi, 1992, R Innes, 1987, J A Iredale, 1988, N A G Johnson, 1991, K Jowsey, 1995, F Kendall, 1952, S Kershaw, 1949, F Kidd, 1990, B Kramrisch, 1983, W R Lang, 1960, J D Leeder, 1992,W C Le Sage, 1978, E L Love, 1984, R R Lyne, 1970, M A Mack, 1995, J P Mackenzie, 1984, M Macleod, 1974, J Mahony, 1974, A Majeed, 1986, Y N Mallah, 1994, R Marks, 1976, A W Marvin, 1967, C Metcalfe, 1993, F Millard, 1967, R W Mills, 1989, L Morris, 1955, J A Nasmith, 1965, C N Nathan, 1986, H Needham, 1983, W J Onions, 1969, R G Oversby, 1950, J M Parkinson, 1983, J Pollitt, 1969, H Pomfret, 1957, E J D Poole, 1955, H O Puls, 1972, T A Purt, 1943, J Read, 1946, R T D Richards, 1976, W A Richardson, 1966, A  T C Robinson, 1964, G A Robinson, 1989, T H Robinson, 1950, J F Rowe, 1981, C A Saltmarsh, 1994, J W Shannon, 1940, M Shiba, 1995, C Shrigley, 1969, R J Smith, 1952, D C Snowden, 1966, J D Spencer, 1985, H Stalder, 1991, R B Start, 1991, C B Stevens, 1979, R B Stuart, 1975, P Sumner, 1980, N M Swani, 1985, J Tankard, 1958, G Taylor, 1998, M A Taylor, 1970, I H Thomas, 1971, G D Thornton, 1994, J Thornton, 1984, A V Tomes, 1971, P P Townend, 1957, A R Urquhart, 1959, N J J van Rensburg, 1981, W T Wan, 1976, C S Whewell, 1971, P B F Whitaker, 1982, C Wilkinson, 1993, D K Wilson, 1989, A Winkler, 1973, J C Withers, 1964, F C Wood, 1946, J Woolfenden 1970, M Yunus, 1990.

Institute Medal For Design*

Inaugurated in 1971 to recognise professional designers or groups of designers who have devoted themselves to, and made substantial contributions in, the field of textile design and design management. Candidates’ contributions are assessed not only for aesthetic appeal but also for commercial success. This award is made to an Institute member only.

J Arai, 1992, P W Butcher 2010, M Canovas, 1990, J Carr-Doughty, 1974, Collier Campbell Ltd, 1986, Dato Prof Jimmy Choo OBE, 2011, Li Edelkoort, 1995, Eileen Ellis, 1985, S Ferla, 1979, Tricia Guild, 1989, D Healey International, 1982, S Kinder, 1975, B Klein, 1977, J L Larsen, 1996, Jean Muir, 1987, Ingar Ramstad, 1983, A Ratti, 1988, T Reich, 1973, L Schlaepfer & R J Schlaepfer, 1994, Paul Smith, 1997, Marian Straub, 1972, Sue Timney, 1991.

Holden Medal for Education*

The Holden Medal for Education is awarded in recognition of an outstanding contribution to technology-based education at all levels. Originally inaugurated in 1992 by the Clothing and Footwear Institute (CFI) International. This award is made to an Institute member only.

W M Aldrich, 1996, W P Bohm, 1987, J G Butlin, 1989, K K Chan, 1991, J W Dearden, 1988, L D Fernando, 1989, J Gerber, 1983, W G Gibson, 1982, H Goodier, 1981, K W Hall, 1981, C H Hanvey, 1999, D Jones, 1986, Prof A N Khan, 2018, R M Laing, 1997, J V A Long, 1984, R K G MacEwen, 1985, J Muir, 1990, A K G Nair 2012, T H B Pannell, 1992/93, A C Peers 2010, I Tezcan, 1998, D J Tyler, 1995, M Williams 2013, R E Whittaker, 1994.

Section Service Award*

The Textile Institute Section Service Award recognises distinguished and active service by a member over many years to a particular Section or National Committee. This award is made to an Institute member only. It is not intended that purely nominal service on a Committee or as an Honorary Officer of a Section should be recognised by the award, nor would mere length of service in any capacity be an automatic criterion for making an award.

J Best CText ATI, 2014, V Bhalla, 2010, S K Chaudhuri, 2010, A Goyal, 2010, M N A Chishti, 2010, D Gianchandani 2013, H Gupta, 2010, R U Kuruppu, 2010, A N Mirza, 2012, J Perry, 2012, Dr V Shanbhag, 2012, K K Sharma, 2010, D West (posthumous award), 2010, P B F Whitaker, 2010, G Yates, 2011.

The Textile Institute Carothers Medal

First awarded in 1992 in memory of Wallace H Carothers who discovered nylon. The award is made in recognition of creativity in the production or use of fibres. This award is made to an Institute member only.

S Backer, 1992, G Egbers, 1997, K Kamide, 1998, J E McIntyre, 1996, M Okamoto, 1993, D B Pall, 1999, P Smith & P J Lemstra, 1994, W J Von Liebig, 1995.

S G Smith Memorial Medal

Inaugurated in 1964 and awarded to persons who are recognized as having devoted themselves to the furtherance of scientific knowledge concerning the physical and structural properties of fibres, whether or not such work has been published.

A S Abhiraman, 1995, E G H Carter, 1966, W T Cowhig, 1970, J A Cuculo, 1996, H A Davis, 1989, M G Dobb, 1982, M Feughelman, 1990, R D B Fraser, 1985, D J Johnson, 1982, C R Jones, 1973, K G Lindberg, 1978, J W Lunenschloss, 1976, K R Makinson, 1986, J Militky, 1999, B Miller, 1993, W J Morris, 1977, S K Mukhopadhyay, 1998, M G Northolt, 1988, K E Perepelkin, 1997, M W Platt, 1983, J Pollitt, 1964, H O Puls, 1965, H L Roder, 1968, E Schollmeyer, 1991, J Shimizu, 1985, J Sikorski, 1971, P T Speakman, 1992, J L Spencer-Smith, 1969, H P Stout, 1967, H A C Todd, 1979, J G Tomka, 1994, M W Townsend, 1972, I M Ward, 1984, J O Warwicker, 1975, A Ziabicki, 1987.

The Weavers’ Company Medal And Prize

First awarded in 1979. Each year the Weavers’ Company, the oldest of the Livery Companies of the City of London, awards a medal and prize to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the weaving sector of the textile industry.

C Antich, 1998, C M Atkinson, 1980, H A Cann, 1988, M Catlow, 2000, P Collingwood, 1989, J Corrin, 1995, E Ellis, 2001, E Gartside, 1999, J D Griffith, 1979, K Greenwood, 1985, J F C Hodges, 1997, W Holden, 1991, R J Humpries, 1986, G Jones, 1982, C E R Maddox, 1996, R Marks, 1981, T Mawdsley, 1984, A Ormerod, 1987, W S Sondhelm, 1992, E M Stirk, 1990, J Sugden, 2004, F H Tattersall, 1993, L S J Tibbitts, 1994, D J Walters, 1983, J Wilson, 2002.

Lemkin Medal

The Lemkin Medal was established by CFI International in 1960, and is awarded by the Council in recognition of exceptional service to the Institute in the areas of clothing and footwear.

M Ainslie, 1974, J R Atherton, 1966, F E Barnes, 1979, R T Beeby, 1989, C Benet, 1979, K Benson, 1994, S S Betall, 1967, R L Birkett, 1971, W J Blackwood, 1985, W P Bohm, 1972, J O Booker, 1977, J P Bougourd 2010, W A Britton, 1988, C Brooke, 1970, M Brough, 1975, M R Cassidy, 1964, K K Chan, 1985, K Charles, 1982, E E Churm, 1970, K E Clark, 1995, A F Cole, 1963, D F A Cowdry, 1998, P L Crown, 1972, A L Dick, 1987, C M C Dorkin, 1981, R A Dunton, 1989, N Entwistle, 1970, G J Fooks, 1989, J Fredrickson, 1999, M Gaetan, 1997, D Gardiner, 1962, J D Gibson, 1964, F P Godfrey, 1965, L R Goodman, 1999, W Gotheridge, 1965, A Granville, 1971, G C Guy, 1974, P V Gwinnutt, 1969, J F Hinton, 1990, L Hopkins, 1962, J Howarth, 1986, R Jeffery, 1988, D P Jepson, 1978, N F Judd, 1982, C M Krook, 1968, G Lee, 1984, D J V Lines, 1985, R Malcolm, 1996, G McCarthy, 1983, J McColl, 1987, J McCosker, 1986, R Moores, 1983, W J Mount, 1966, L Nydus, 1962, W J Orange, 1961, B Playfair, 1986, H D Pleasance, 1991, C F Potter, 1973, P A Riches, 1992/93, A Sheppard, 1989, D Shuttleworth, 1984, I J Silver, 1971, M Simmonds, 1977, L C Smith, 1977, D A Smith, 1968, J B Stilling, 1983, V Tait, 1988, M A Taylor, 1989, E M Taylor, 1963, J C Templeton, 1964, J T Thomas, 1961, J H Thornton, 1981, I T Turriff, 1981, W W Wake, 1967, B Warren, 1975, R J Watson, 1978, H Wignall, 1976, O F Winfield, 1961, F T Winslade, 1973.

Centenary Award

Established in 1960 to commemorate the Institute’s Golden Jubilee, The Textile Institute Centenary Award is presented for successful research and invention by teams or groups of research workers, working within any appropriate organisation.

Nonwovens Cooperative Research Center – 2010.

Jubilee Award

Established in 1960 to commemorate the Institute’s Golden Jubilee. The award is presented for successful research and invention by teams or groups of research workers, working within any appropriate organisation.

Barmag AG, 1993, Bonas Machine Company Ltd, 1992, Brintons Ltd, 1971, Brother Industries Ltd, 1997, William Cotton, 1967, CSIRO, Division of Textile Industry, 1970, Cobble Blackburn Ltd, 1988, Courtaulds Ltd, 1961, Crosrol Ltd, 1995, E I Du Pont de Nemours & Co, 1979, F N F and Courtaulds Ltd, 1972, Instron Corporation, 1990, Leesona Corporation, 1966, Marks & Spencer plc, 1984, Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG, 1996, Maschinenfabrik Rüti AG, 1982, Karl Mayer GmbH, 1976, Milliken & Company, 1983, Murata Machinery Ltd, 1999, Picanol NV, 1998, Royal Aircraft Establishment, 1985, Scapa Group Ltd, 1974, W Schlafhorst & Co, 1985, M Schlumberger & Cie, 1986, Ernest Scragg & Sons Ltd, 1981, Shima Seiki Manufacturing Ltd, 1994, H Stoll GmbH & Co, 1989, Stork Brabant BV, 1991, Sublistatic SA, 1977, Gebrüder Sulzer AG, 1968, Textile Machinery Makers (Research) Ltd, 1964, Tootal Broadhurst Lee Co Ltd, 1960, Vyzkumny Ustav Bavlnarsky, 1969, Zellweger Uster AG, 1987.

The Textile Institute Sustainability Award*

Established in 2010 to celebrate the centenary of The Textile Institute, the award is presented to a business or organisation that has had a demonstrable effect on sustainability policy and practice in textiles, clothing and footwear and in one or more of the following – sourcing, production, use, recycling and disposal. This award is open to both members and non-members.

IG Cohen Ltd, 2010, Lenzing AG, 2012, DBL Group, 2013,  TED (Textile Environment Design) 2014, Textile Futures Research Centre, 2014.

The Textile Institute Innovation Award*

Inaugurated in 1990 The Textile Institute Innovation Award is given to organisations for outstanding achievement in enhancing international textile interests through creativity, commerce, marketing or economic development. This award is open to both members and non-members.

Prof L Hes Hon FTI CText FTI, 2014, Kato Tech Company Ltd, 2012, Marks & Spencer PLC, 2010, Novozymes, 2013, Revolution Fibres, 2018, Unilever, 2011.

The Textile Institute New Materials Award*

Established in 2010 to celebrate the centenary of The Textile Institute, the award is presented to an individual or organisation demonstrating outstanding advances in technical textiles and their application. This award also perpetuates the memory of SG Smith, after whom a memorial medal was inaugurated in 1964. This award is open to both members and non-members.

Dr Carl Abraham CText FTI, 2011, DATT Mediproducts Limited, 2010, Mr Masukuni Mori, 2012, XIROS Ltd, 2018.

The Textile Institute Research Publication Award*

Established in 2010 to celebrate the centenary of The Textile Institute, the award is presented to an individual author or group of authors for the most outstanding paper published in The Journal of The Textile Institute during the calendar year preceding the year in which the award is offered. This award is generously sponsored by Taylor & Francis. All authors and group of authors who have had a paper published in 2016 and 2017 will automatically be submitted for this award therefore no formal application will be necessary.

‘The wearables revolution and Big Data: the textile lineage’
Dr Sundaresan Jayaraman and Sungmee Park, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

‘Perception of fashion sustainability in online community’
Dr Bin Shen, Jin-Hui Zheng, pui-Sze Chow and Ka-Yan Chow. Donghua University, China.

‘It’s Vintage Darling! An exploration of vintage fashion retailing’
Dr Julie McColl, Catherine Canning, Karinna Nobbs, Louise McBride and Linda Shearer. Glasgow Caledonian University, UK.

Direct electrospinning of highly twisted, continuous nanofiber yarns’
Usman Ali, Yaqiong Zhou, Xungai Wang & Tong Lin Deakin University, Australia.

Investigating the production and properties’of Ag/TiO2/PP’
Roya Dastjerdi, MRM Mojtahedi, AM Shoshtari and A Khosroshahi, Iran.

Flexible, durable, printed electrical circuits’ 
B Pourdeyhimi, B Karguzel, C R Merritt, T Kang, J M Wilson, H T Nagle, E Grant,  North Carolina State University, USA.

Development Award

Inaugurated in 1990. The award is given to individuals, groups or organizations for outstanding achievement in enhancing international textile interests through commerce, marketing or economic development.

Buro Happold, 1995, Cotton Incorporated, 1999, W L Gore & Associates, 1994, International Wool, Secretariat, 1991, Johnson & Johnson, 1993, Reliance Industries Limited, 1997, Levi Strauss & Co, 1992, Toray Industries, Inc, 1996, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, 1990, Wool Research Organization of New Zealand Inc, 1998.

The Textile Institute Young Persons Award*

Established in 2010 to celebrate the centenary of The Textile Institute, the award is presented to a student member enrolled in a postgraduate programme accredited by The Textile Institute, to assist attendance at any international conference at which she/he will deliver a paper based on their postgraduate research.

V A Legg, 2010.

C A McDonnel, 2014.

C Moroney, 2018.