The Textile Institute accredits a wide range of courses globally within all areas of textiles, clothing and footwear. Students who graduate from these courses can apply for their professional qualifications after a shorter period of work experience and in some cases directly on graduation.

What are the Advantages of Accreditation to the Educational Establishment?
Accreditation of programmes benefits the establishment by:
• setting the department/establishment in the focus of the world textile community
• including the establishment in the listing of leading international textile education bodies
• facilitating the maintenance of educational standards between different countries and specialisations
• providing an indication of programme quality and excellence of provision by an international peer-assessment process
• providing further opportunities for graduates to take up textiles-based careers

The Textile Institute accredits courses at both Licentiateship (LTI) and Associateship (CText ATI) level.

LTI Accreditation

ATI Accreditation


“Course accreditation by The Textile Institute is highly valued by our students, not least as the qualifications are globally recognised. They enjoy the numerous benefits of membership whilst studying at London College of Fashion and have the opportunity to apply for the chartered qualification CText ATI post-graduation through an accelerated route. The accreditation reassures employers that our students graduate with a high standard of professional skills as well as their degree.”

Helen Montgomery
School Developments Manager
Fashion Business School
London College of Fashion
University of the Arts, London


“Accreditation of our courses by The Textile Institute provides our students with a further professional qualification from a recognised chartered institution.  It enables our courses to be validated against international benchmarks and provides further scrutiny as to their applicability to the industry and the important skills our students bring to their future working roles.”

Dr Simon Gill CText FTI
Lecturer in Fashion Technology Management
University of Manchester



Accreditation is by application which is assessed by a small panel of experts and ratified by the Professional Qualifications Committee.

Accreditation lasts for 5 years.


Application All Universities


Registration Non Corporate Member Universities

First course  GBP£500

Second course  GBP£400 per course (20 % discount)

Third and subsequent courses  GPB£300 per course (40% discount)

Registration Corporate Member Universities

50% discount on registration fees

*Application fee to be paid before assessment

LTI Accreditation Application

ATI Accreditation Application

Please see the below mock ATI Accreditation Application as an example of a successful application:

ATI Accreditation Application Example 

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