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The Manchester and the North-West Section: 3rd Textiles and Life Student Conference

24 Nov

The Manchester and the North-West Section: 3rd Textiles and Life Student Conference


Format of the conference: Online

Date: Wednesday 24 November 2021

Time: TBC

The Manchester and Cheshire Section of The Textile Institute is pleased to provide students with this opportunity to present their research in a formal yet supportive environment.

Why Textiles and Life 3?

Everyone comes into contact with textiles every day. So, whatever aspect of textiles you are studying –

Please come and share your research with us whether it be design orientated, technology driven or business related.

We are all coming to terms with ‘the new normal’ – but what does this mean for you, your research and the global textile industry?

You will deliver your work to an impartial and non-judgmental audience which will help improve your confidence and prepare you for your future career.

The preparation process will be the same as for any major conference.

The process

You will need to submit an abstract of your proposed paper (written – no more than 300 words; or audio visual: 5 mins max) by 20 September 2021.

An experienced panel will consider your abstract submission and will inform you within 2 weeks of the submission date if your paper has been accepted for oral presentation, audio visual, or poster display.

If your abstract is accepted for presentation you will need to submit the complete written paper by the 31 October 2021. Should you fail to provide the full text / AV / poster your presentation slot will be assigned to someone else. Closer to the conference you will be asked to forward your PowerPoint / AV / poster presentation so it can be uploaded to software being used to host the conference.

All presenters will be required to register as delegates.

Please direct all enquiries and submit your abstract to

Please click here to register.

Please click here to download the programme.

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