The 82nd World Conference Through The Eye Of A Needle (Cairo, Egypt, 2002)

  • Published:
    • 2002
  • Format:
    • CD
  • ISBN:
    • 1870372565


With textiles playing such an important part in Egypt’s local economy, the country was the ideal choice for The Textile Institute’s 82nd World Conference. Egypt 2002’s far-reaching theme was the future of the global textile industry, encompassing the whole textile production chain, from farming technology to marketing strategies. Over 80 leading academics and industrialists presented papers on topics ranging from the environment to mass customisation and body scanning. With Egypt the world’s major supplier of ELS cotton, a significant part of the speaker programme concentrated on this commodity. Now, all the papers presented at Egypt 2002 are available to buy on a new CD-ROM from The Textile Institute. The topics include: Cotton: Overview of research findings on fiber structure in relation to quality of Egyptian cottons; Synthesis, characterization and application of environmentally friendly sizes to cotton warps; The use of cationized cotton to improve the cotton dyeing process; Recent researches in cotton bleaching. Dyeing and Finishing: Color discharge printing without the use of an illuminating dye; Characteristic fading curves for some vat and vat-disperse dyes. Marketing: New Marketing Tools and Practices in Export Promotion of Nations; Modernizing the Textile Industry in Developing Countries to Meet Global Demands; Technological developments, perspectives of employment and new qualification needs of the clothing industry; The Impact of Globalisation on Textile Trade ? Myths & Realities. Fabric Production: A New Aspect of Geometrical and Physical Principles Applicable to the Estimation of Textile Structures: Ideal Model for Knitted Loop; Prediction Of Performance In Thermally Pointed Bonded Nonwovens; A New Method Of Measuring Yarns Twist. Clothing and Apparel: Adapting Modern MIS Software Systems For Egyptian Ready Made Garment Manufacturers; Fabric Comfort: New Research Developments; A Scheme for Developing the Creative Aspects in Clothes Designs.