Automation in Garment Manufacturing

  • Published:
    • 2018
  • Format:
    • Hardcover
  • ISBN:
    • 9780081012116

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Automation in garment manufacturing provides a systematic and comprehensive insight into the multifaceted process of how technological improvements are transforming all aspects of garment manufacturing, allowing manufacturers to meet the growing demand for greater productivity, efficiency, and flexibility.
The first chapters cover the role of automation in design and product development, including color matching, fabric inspection, 3D body scanning, computer-aided design, and prototyping. Part II covers automation in garment production, from handling, spreading and cutting through to finishing and pressing techniques. The final chapters discuss advanced tools for assessing productivity in manufacturing and for logistics and supply-chain management.
Automation in garment manufacturing is a key resource for all those engaged in textile and apparel development and production and for academics engaged in research into textile science and technology.

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