Advances In Functional And Protective Textiles

  • No. of pages: 678
  • Language: English
  • Published: June 11, 2020
  • Hardcover ISBN: 9780128202579


Advances in Functional and Protective Textiles explores the latest research in the use of textile materials for protective clothing. The book’s international roster of researchers in industry and academia describe innovative applications in defense, medical, sports, fire protection, radiation protection, and more. This book is an invaluable resource for readers seeking to produce textiles with self-cleaning, antimicrobial, super-hydrophobic, UV-protective, insect repellant, flame retardant or anti-felting properties.

Particular attention is given to textile fibers, including cotton, wool, viscose, and other synthetic fibers whose properties solve many problems. Sustainable approaches to the processing of textiles for protective properties are also addressed, as are hazards.

Key Features

  • Introduces the advanced testing and modeling methods that are necessary for the production of protective textiles
  • Describes the properties of the latest advanced chemicals and materials used to make protective textiles and clothing
  • Covers every step in the development of protective clothing, from the engineering of novel materials, to advanced fabrication methodologies and applications


Researchers in academia and industry working with health care textiles, color chemistry, polymers, chemical processing of textiles, antimicrobial coatings, and nano finishing.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Sol-gel technique for protective textile and clothing
    2. Cold plasma coating technology for protective textiles
    3. Thermo-responsive shape memory polymers for textiles
    4. Fire resistant behaviour of cellulosic textile material functionalized with wastage plant bio-molecules
    5. Latest progresses in wrinkle-resistant finishing of cotton with polycarboxylic acids
    6. CBRN textiles: current scenario and the way forward
    7. Smart conductive textiles
    8. Aroma textiles
    9. Imparting self-cleaning ability in textiles
    10. Advanced nano fibrous membranes as personal use colorimetric sensors for toxic chemicals
    11. Advanced UV protection agents for protective textiles and clothing
    12. Advanced bulletproof, stab and spike resistant textiles
    13. Medical textiles
    14. Advanced insect repellent agents for protective textiles and clothing
    15. Application of silk and its proteins in bio-medical applications
    16. Advanced flame retardant agents for protective textiles and clothing
    17. Energy generating textile
    18. Advanced EMI shielding textiles and clothing
    19. Textile-based energy storage
    20. The recent advances in nanotechnologies for textile functionalisation
    21. Sustainable colorants for protective textiles