Design of Clothing Manufacturing Processes: A Systematic Approach to Developing, Planning, and Control 2nd Edition

  • No. of pages: 320
  • Language: English
  • Published: January 28, 2022
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780081026489


This second edition of Design of Clothing Manufacturing Processes comprehensively addresses the design and planning of clothing manufacturing processes, beginning with the classification of clothing and discussion of its market, clothing sizing systems, and the key issues involved in developing a fashion collection. Special emphasis is placed on production planning and control, with detailed coverage of the processes of design, pattern making and cutting, joining techniques, work analysis, clothing manufacturing planning, and the behaviour, performance, and quality of materials critical to the development, planning, and control of manufacturing processes and the sale of garments. With its descriptions of the rapid, integrated, and flexible manufacturing systems of today, driven by demand information, this book explains how new supply chain models and manufacturing processes can lead to a much quicker route from design to distribution. This new edition is updated with important new research and topics, including digital fashion incorporating scientific aspects of fabric modelling, simulation and digital fitting, and the performance of seams as an important criterion for the quality and appearance of clothing.

  • Considers in detail the design of clothing classification and sizing systems
  • Comprehensively presents the requirements of digital fashion, the terminology used for virtual garment, fabric modelling for virtual clothing simulation, and digital fitting
  • Covers the production planning in all aspects of clothing production from design and pattern making to manufacture
  • Provides a thorough review and description of quality requirements for clothing materials
  • Looks in detail at the performance of stitched seams, from the theoretical basis for determining seam strength and the parameters that affect seam strength, to the phenomenon of seam pucker

Ideal for professionals involved in research and development, product development, and manufacturing at textile and fashion related companies and manufacturers. Researchers and postgraduates working on projects involving textile, clothing, manufacturing, or fashion

Table of Contents

1. Clothing classification systems and market segmentation
2. Clothing sizing systems
3. Key issues in developing a fashion collection
4. Digital Fashion: Customization of the product
5. Production planning and control in the clothing industry
6. Planning of clothing design, pattern making and cutting
7. Planning clothing manufacturing
8. Quality requirements for clothing materials
9. Seam performance as a criterion for the product quality

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