Engineered Polymeric Fibrous Materials



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4th June 2021
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Table of Contents

  1. Fibrous Polymeric Composites
    2. Nanostructures as Interlaminar Toughener at Polymeric Composite
    3. Fibers and Textiles Reinforced Cementitious Composites
    4. Functional Fibrous Materials for Wearable Energy Harvesting Applications
    5. Smart Fibrous Materials
    6. Imparting Strength into Nanofibrous Structures
    7. Conductive Nanofibrous Materials for Supercapacitors
    8. Stimuli-Responsive Nanofibrous Materials in Biomedical Applications
    9. Engineered Biodegradable Melt Spun Fibers
    10. Scent Encapsulation into Electrospun Nanofibers
    11. Engineered Fibrous Materials Toward Solar Fuel Production and Environmental Remediation
    12. Thermal Energy Storage and Management Applications Through Engineered Fibrous Material
    13. Layered Double Hydroxide (LDH) and Their Potential Applications in Engineered Fibrous Materials
    14. Electrochemical Nanofibers


Engineered Polymeric Fibrous Materials explains cutting edge techniques for the engineering of fibrous materials from physical, mechanical, and chemical points of view. Both conventional and nanofibers are described in this uniquely comprehensive book, for a wide range of applications including biomedical, automotive, aerospace, agriculture, energy, and environmental.

This book refers to recent advances made in both academia and industry, in topics such as fiber-reinforced composites, fibrous thermal insulators, drug delivery and tissue engineering, and smart textiles and energy, and explains how fibrous structures are engineered to offer new solutions to important problems. The first two chapters provide basic introductory information to allow a wider range of readers to engage with the book.


Key Features

  • Addresses hot emerging topics including smart materials, wearable energy harvesters, and solar fuel production
  • Includes valuable technical advice that is useful to industries including aerospace, biomedical, and energy
  • Covers the full lifecycle of the material, from processing and treatment through to end usage


Researchers, engineers, R&D professionals, and students interested in polymeric fibrous structures