Fabrication and Functionalization of Advanced Tubular Nanofibers and their Applications

  • No. of pages: 300
  • Language: English
  • Published: January 1, 2023
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780323990394


Fabrication and Functionalization of Advanced Tubular Nanofibers and their Applications describes the synthesis, preparation and characterization of carbon-based tubular nanofibers and their applications in environmental protection and new energy sources.

The book explores novel strategies for the preparation of carbon tubular nanofibers and explains how they have been used to great effect in a range of applications, including energy and healthcare. The processing-structure-property relationship in functional inorganic/organic materials is examined at the nano-level, explaining where interesting electronic, magnetic, optical, mechanical or catalytic and therapeutic properties are derived.

Covering everything from the basics to their use in practice, including the synthetic procedure and characterization, this book is the perfect guide for anyone interested in the design of nanomaterials for advanced applications. Nanomaterial science is a relatively young and rapidly developing discipline that includes aspects of physics, chemistry and biology and is finding applications in some of mankind’s greatest current challenges.

Key Features

  • Describes how to produce superior tubular nanofiber performance in one or more characteristics
  • Addresses important advances in the synthesis, processing and surface modification of new materials
  • Explains innovative applications of tubular nanofibers in environmental and biotechnology applications


Graduate students and researchers in academia seeking a better understanding of tubular nanofibers

Table of Contents

  • 1. Novel Synthetic Methods for Tubular Hypercrosslinked Polymer Nanofibers and their Mechanisms
    2. Design and Preparation of Self-driven BSA Surface Imprinted Tubular Nanofibers and their Specific Adsorption Performance
    3. Bifunctional Magnetic Tubular Carbon Nanofibers as Efficient Metal Ions Adsorbent from Wastewater
    4. Preparation of Tubular Nanofibers and their Application for Efficient Enrichment of Uranium from Aqueous Solution
    5. Uranium Adsorption Property of Carboxylated Tubular Carbon Nanofibers Enhanced Chitosan Microspheres
    6. Oil Separation Performance of Tubular Hypercrosslinked Polymer and Carbon Nanofibers
    7. Fabrication of Magnetic and Carboxylated Tubular Carbon Nanofibers as Anode Electrodes for High-performance Lithium‐ion Batteries
    8. Tubular Carbon Nanofibers Loaded with Different MnO2: Preparation and Electrochemical Performance
    9 Preparation and Microwave Absorption Properties of Tubular Carbon Nanofibers and Magnetic Nanofibers
    10 Multiple Composite Tubular Carbon Nanofibers: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications in Microwave Absorption