Fundamentals of Natural Fibres and Textiles

  • No. of pages: 816
  • Language: English
  • Published: March 20, 2021
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780128214831


The textile industry is focused in its search for alternative green fibres with the aim of providing high-quality products which are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Natural textile materials from renewable sources play an increasingly important role in the industry due to their unique properties and functionality over synthetic fibres, as well as their sustainability. Fundamentals of Natural Fibres and Textiles covers all the fundamental and basic information about natural fibres and textiles.

Many different fibres are covered from their origin, through processing, properties, and applications. The latest methods for characterisation and testing of natural fibres are all addressed with reference to cutting-edge industry trends. This uniquely comprehensive approach to the topic provides the ideal entry point to natural fibres for textile and clothing scientists, engineers, designers, researchers, students, and manufacturers of such products.

Key Features

  • Explains the characteristics of natural fibres to show how they compare to synthetic fibres for a range of purposes
  • Provides an overview of the environmental impact of the processing of fibres and how this creates industrial waste
  • Covers a wide range of natural fibres in detail, from traditional silk and wool to electrospun biopolymers
  • Provides the latest updates on technologies for designing natural fibres and applying them to the development of new products


Researchers and students interested in sustainable textiles, manufacturing, or materials science; sustainability managers and product designers in the textiles and fashion sector

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction to natural fibres and textiles
    2. Cellulose and its derivatives in textiles: primative application to current trend
    3. Microbial cellulose: biosynthesis and textile applications
    4. Regenerated cellulose in textiles: rayon, lyocell, modal and other fibres
    5. From natural cellulose to functional nanocomposites for environmental applications
    6. Insect and animal-originated fibres: silk and wool
    7. Natural fibre composites: processing, fabrication and applications
    8. Bioprocessing of natural textile fibres and clothes
    9. Biofunctional textile fibres and their applications
    10. Modification of textiles for functional applications
    11. Alteration and enhancing the properties of natural fibres
    12. Radiation technology for the modification of textiles
    13. Dyes and dyeing processes for natural textiles and their key sustainability issues
    14. Identification, characterization and quality management of natural textile fibres
    15. Microbial polyesters: synthesis and applications
    16. Self-cleaning textiles: structure, fabrication and applications
    17. Recycling of textiles and its economic aspects
    18. Sustainable technologies for textile production
    19. The life and durability issues of natural textiles and clothing
    20. Fibres and textiles in the circular economy
    21. Textile waste management and environmental concerns
    22. Current limitations and challenges in the global textile sector