Handbook of Stretchable and Elastomeric Textiles

  • No. of pages: 300
  • Language: English
  • Published: February 1, 2023
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780323911948


Handbook of Stretchable and Elastomeric Textiles  is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about elastomeric textiles, including manufacturing techniques, physical properties, processing methods, and in-use care. All types of stretchable textiles are covered, including polymers, fibers, yarns, fabrics and composites. Starting with the fundamentals of the synthesis, properties and processing of elastomeric materials, this book goes on to help the reader choose the most appropriate parameters for manufacturing and processing, as well as the best elastomeric material according to their specific end use application.

In general, elastomeric textiles are difficult to handle. During the manufacturing of elastomeric fabric, the handling of yarns is complicated. The processing stage is also challenging due to the heat sensitivity of the materials, affecting how they are dyed, printed, washed and dried. The specific techniques required to produce a successful elastomeric textile have been developed over many years, hence this expertise is hard to come by, creating a barrier to the successful application of elastomeric textiles in a range of settings.

Available to pre-order published March 2024

Key Features

  • Provides foundational knowledge on the polymeric structure of elastomeric fibers
  • Explains how various materials can be used to prepare elastomeric fibers
  • Addresses how elastomerics are being used in wearables and smart textile technologies


Students, researchers, engineers, and materials scientists working with sportswear, casual wear, and stretchable textiles for health care applications

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction to Elastomeric Textiles
    2. Elastomeric Polymers and Fibres
    3. Elastomeric Yarns
    4. Elastomeric Woven Fabrics
    5. Elastomeric Knitted Fabrics
    6. Elastomeric Non-Woven Fabrics
    7. Elastomeric Braids and Ropes
    8. Elastomeric Reinforcements for Composites
    9. Elastomeric Textiles Based Wearables in Healthcare
    10. Applications of Elastomeric Textiles