Medical Textiles from Natural Resources

  • No. of pages: 934
  • Language: English
  • Published: June 23, 2022
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780323904797



Medical Textiles from Natural Resources provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals, production methods, processing techniques, characterization techniques, properties and applications of medical textile materials from natural resources. Medical textiles offer a variety of technical and functional properties valued in medical and healthcare sectors, often relating to hygiene. As medical textile products remain in close contact with the human body, the fibre must have characteristics such as biological compatibility, biological degradability, permeability and nontoxicity. Only materials from natural renewable sources have such characteristics. This book provides the latest information on a wide range of medical applications, from single suture and wound dressings, to implants and tissue scaffolds. It also offers a systematic review of the manufacture, properties and applications of technical textiles for medical use.

Key Features

  • Explains the latest technologies related to fibre extraction from natural sources, chemical treatments, weave constructions, fabric finishes and coatings
  • Describes innovative applications of nanomaterials in the treatment of textile fabric and the utilization of carbohydrate polymers in the preparation of nanoparticles deposited in nonwoven fabrics
  • Helps product designers to find appropriate materials from natural resources with the characteristics of biodegradability, renewability, biocompatibility and nontoxicity


  • Academic and industry
  • Researchers working in textiles and fibre engineering
  • Manufacturers of healthcare products

Table of Contents 

  • Part 1: Medical and healthcare textile materials
    1. An overview of medical textile materials
    2. Biomaterials for medical and healthcare products
    3. Natural, biodegradable, biocompatible and bioresorbable medical textile materials
    4. Biotextile-based adsorbents for medical applications
    5. Natural plant extract-treated bioactive textiles for wound healingPart 2: Biomedical applications
    6. Biotextiles for medical implants and regenerative medicine
    7. Biomedical textiles for orthopedic and surgical applications
    8. Biotextiles and their applications for drug release
    9. Biotextile-based scaffolds in tissue engineering
    10. Photo-responsive hydrogel-treated fabrics for smart drug delivery systemsPart 3: Health condition and related therapy
    11. Metal and metal oxides nanoparticles in healthcare and medical textiles
    12. Intelligent (or hi-tech) textiles for monitoring health conditions
    13. Thermo-comfort medical textiles for patients
    14. pH-thermoresponsive hydrogel-treated fabric for treating re-infected wounds
    15. Textiles in cosmetics and personal care
    16. Light-emitting fabrics for photodynamic therapy
    17. Smart dyes for medical textiles and related therapy
    18. Allergies caused by textiles and their control
    19. Malodour of medical textiles: Causes and controlPart 4: Test and techniques
    20. Nonwoven materials and technologies for medical applications
    21. Processing techniques, test methods and regulatory issues of bioactive textiles for medical and healthcare usesPart 5: Protection and fabric care
    22. Occupational clothing for surgeons and nurses
    23. Washable, reusable and disposable medical textiles
    24. Hospital laundries and their effect on medical textiles

    Part 6: Challenges and future trends
    25. Research, development and future trends for medical textile products
    26. Environmental impact, health hazards and waste management of medical textile products

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