• Published:
    • 2018
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    • Paperback
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    • 9780081025406

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Silk: Processing, Properties and Applications, Second Edition, examines all aspects of silk technology, including its manufacture, processing, properties, structure-property relationships, dyeing, printing and finishing, and applications. This new edition is updated and expanded to include the very latest developments in silk production. Detailed chapters discuss silk reeling and silk fabric manufacture, the structural aspects of silk, its mechanical and thermal properties, and silk dyeing. Further chapters focus on the latest developments in terms of processing and applications, covering emerging topics, such as spider silks, non-mulberry silks, the printing and finishing of silk fabrics, and by-products of the silk industry.

This book will be a highly valuable source of information for textile technologists, engineers and manufacturers, fiber scientists, researchers and academics in natural fibers or textile technology.

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