Structure and Mechanics of Textile Fibre Assemblies – 2nd Edition

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Editors: Peter Schwartz

Structure and Mechanics of Textile Fibre Assemblies, Second Edition, offers detailed information on all aspects of textile structure and mechanics. This new edition is updated to include the latest technology and techniques, as well as fiber assembly for major application areas. Chapters discuss the mechanics of materials and key mechanical concepts, such as stress, strain, bending and shear, but also examine structure and mechanics in-depth, including fabric type, covering yarns, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, nonwovens, tufted fabrics, textile composites, laminated and coated textile fabrics, and braided structures. Finally, structure and mechanics are approached from the viewpoint of key applications areas.

This book will be an essential source of information for scientists, technologists, engineers, designers, manufacturers and R&D managers in the textile industry, as well as academics and researchers in textiles and fiber science.

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