Sustainability in Denim

  • No. of pages: 372
  • Language: English
  • Published: June 12, 2017
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780081020432


Sustainability in Denim provides the latest information on sustainable fabrics and practices. From cotton farming, to manufacture and end of life disposal, denim has extensive effects on the environment, inclusive of water consumption and contamination, destruction of large-scale ecosystems and transportation pollution. Additionally, recent developments in the manufacture of denim, such as the use of textiles, including elastane and polyester, have led to limitations in the high end recycling of denim.

This book includes an introduction covering the history, manufacture and lifecycle of denim. It deals with the sustainability aspects of denim by addressing three important pillars of sustainability, the environmental, social and economic aspects, that when combined, present a unique approach in comparison to other books on the topic. The book primarily uses case studies to examine sustainability challenges throughout the denim lifecycle, and to evaluate new green initiatives and recycling processes. It will be of great use to industry professionals, sustainability managers, textile industry researchers and denim manufacturers.

Key Features

  • Reviews and studies denim from a sustainability perspective, addressing its major environmental, social and economic impacts
  • Provides the reader with a fundamental knowledge of the history, manufacture and lifecycle of denim, thus enabling a holistic view of denim sustainability
  • Presents new green initiatives for the processing and recycling of denim products for promotion and use amongst sustainability groups


R&D managers in the textile industry, researchers in textile and denim industry, designers, manufacturers, and sustainability personnel working with textiles

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction to Denim
    2. Environmental Impacts of Denim
    3. Environmental Impacts of Denim Washing
    4. Life Cycle Assessment of Denim
    5. Water Footprint of Denim Industry
    6. Carbon Footprint of Denim Manufacturing
    7. Denim Processing and Health Hazards
    8. Chemicals and Effluent Treatment in Denim Processing
    9. Chemicals and Effluent Treatment in Indigo Denim Process
    10. Denim and Consumer’s Phase of Life Cycle
    11. Social Aspects in Denim Production
    12. Sustainable Denim Processing
    13. Sustainable Denim Processing using Water-free Technologies