Woven Textiles Principles, Technologies and Applications 2nd Edition

  • No. of pages: 512
  • Language: English
  • Published: November 1, 2019



Woven Textiles: Principles, Technologies and Applications, Second Edition, is an essential guide to woven textiles. This new edition is updated and expanded to include major new application areas, as well as the latest developments and innovations in terms of fibers, yarns, fabrics, machinery and technology. Sections cover fibers and yarns used for weaving, key preparatory techniques, the fundamentals of weaving technology, the characteristics of woven structures, the use of computer assisted design (CAD) systems, techniques for modelling the structure of woven fabrics, methods for the manufacture of 3D woven structures, and the application of woven textiles in a range of technologies. With its distinguished editor and international team of expert contributors, this second edition will be an indispensable guide for all designers, engineers and technicians involved in the design, manufacture and use of woven textiles, as well as for academics and researchers in the field of textiles

Key Features

  • Provides extensive coverage of woven textiles, including their preparation, manufacture, woven structures and characteristics
  • Presents the latest technical applications of woven textiles, such as transportation, geotextiles, medical applications, sports and leisure, filtration, and composite structures
  • Enables the reader to understand the latest technological advances in the area of woven textiles


Designers, engineers, and technicians involved in the design, manufacture and use of woven textiles and garments; academics and researchers in textiles

Table of Contents

  • Part I Yarns and weaving technology
    1. Types and properties of fibres and yarns used in weaving
    2. Yarn preparation for weaving: winding
    3. Yarn preparation for weaving: warping
    4. Yarn preparation for weaving: sizing
    5. The fundamentals of weaving technologyPart II Woven structures
    6. Woven structures and their characteristics
    7. Computer aided design (CAD) systems for woven textile design
    8. Modelling the structure of woven fabrics
    9. 3D woven structures and methods of manufacturePart III Applications of woven textiles
    10. Woven textiles for automotive interiors and other transportation applications
    11. Woven apparel fabrics
    12. Woven fabrics for geotextiles
    13. Hollow woven fabrics
    14. Woven textiles for medical applications
    15. Woven textiles for sports and leisure
    16. Woven textiles for floor coverings and carpets
    17. Woven textiles for filtration

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