Advances in Healthcare and Protective Textiles

  • No. of pages: 650
  • Language: English
  • Published: January 1, 2023
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780323911887


Advances in Healthcare and Protective Textiles addresses technologies that have had a major impact in industry for decades, but which are currently attracting unprecedented attention due to their applications in the fight against the Coronavirus epidemic.

Recent advances in textile technology have opened new possibilities for textile researchers and scientists in antiviral textiles, flame-retardant textiles, antimicrobial textiles, insect repellent textiles, breathable medical textiles, aroma-protective textiles, high tech-textiles, smart textiles, nano textiles, and more. This book provides systematic and comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge research and developments on material design, methodologies, characterizations, processes, properties and applications of medical healthcare and protective textiles. In addition, sections pay special attention to advanced fabrication methodologies and materials used in apparel engineering.

Key Features

  • Provides a thorough review of recent advances in personal protective equipment (PPE) design and manufacture in response to the requirements of the fight against Coronavirus
  • Gives advice on improving sustainability through the use of reusable and recyclable medical textiles
  • Explores innovative materials like biopolymers and their applications in medical textiles

Available to pre-order published January 2023 


Researchers, engineers, and graduate students working on the development and manufacturing of medical textiles and protective clothing

Table of Contents

  • 1. Medical and Healthcare Textiles: An Overview
    2. Polymeric Materials for Medical Applications
    3. Textile Structures for Medical Applications
    4. Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare Workers
    5. Standards and Requirements for Medical Clothing
    6. Antimicrobial Textiles in Health Care System
    7. Structure, Mechanism of Aroma Compounds and Application in the Development of Healthcare Textiles
    8. Antioxidant Activity Imparted to Textiles and Fibers for Medical Use
    9. Textile Based Targeted Drug Delivery Systems
    10. Textiles for Orthopedic and Surgical Applications
    11. Biomedical Applications of Healthcare Textiles
    12. Textile-Based Medical Implantable Devices
    13. Standards and Specifications for Medical Clothing
    14. Protective Textiles: An Overview
    15. High-Performance Fibres for Protective Applications
    16. Advanced Technologies for Protective Textiles
    17. Materials, Design and Technology of Body Armour
    18. Fire Protective Textiles