Dressings for Advanced Wound Care



ISBN 9780367204402
254 Pages
23 B/W Illustrations



Book Description

Dressings for Advanced Wound Care focuses on helping the reader better understand advanced wound care and relevant technologies. It explains how different types of wounds may require different environments to heal and how dressings can help in creating the right environment. It gives an overview of the various dressing technologies that are available to help manage wounds that are difficult to heal. Finally, this book highlights the current trends that may be directing the future of the advanced wound dressing sector.


  • Relates technologies with commercially available end-products, giving the reader a more specific overview of the advanced wound dressing sector
  • Provides a realistic overview of the process of developing an advanced wound care dressing
  • Summarises recent clinical evidence on advanced wound dressings
  • Explains how dressings differ and what works best for which wound type
  • Examines clinical evidence on technologies and on-market products
  • Describes the requirements for launching a new advanced wound dressing

This book is aimed at medical clinicians and professionals in the fields of biomedical engineering, textile science, and materials engineering.

Table of Contents

1 Introducing Advanced Wound Care

2 Understanding Wounds and Their Requirements

3 The Requirements for Advanced Wound Care

4 Base Materials for Wound Dressings

5 Structural Forms and Systems for Dressings

6 Additives for Enhanced Functionality

7 Development Aspects to Consider for New Wound Dressings

8 Looking Towards the Future