Odour in Textiles: Generation and Control

ISBN 9780367693336
Published Date March 18, 2022
312 Pages 60 B/W Illustrations



Odour in Textiles: Generation and Control presents the essential science and mechanisms behind the formation of odours in textiles. It discusses consumer perception of odour in clothing, the mechanism of odour formation in the skin, and the role of textile fibres and structures in odour formation. It also discusses odour controls and testing methods available for measurement of odours in textiles.


• Fills a gap in the literature as the first book to focus on textile and odour interaction

• Discusses microbiological aspects of odour formation in simple terms

• Details the role of textile fibres and structures on odour formation

• Describes various testing methods, standards, and regulatory norms for odour analysis

This book will appeal to a broad audience, including industry professionals in the textiles industry, hygiene and health care, the chemical and finishing industry, and odour measurement and testing. It will also interest advanced students and research scholars studying textile engineering, clothing science, and fashion design.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Consumer Perception of Odour

Ingun Grimstad Klepp, Kirsi Laitala, and R. Rathinamoorthy

Chapter 2 Human Odor: An Overview of Current Knowledge and Experimental Designs

Paola A. Prada-Tiedemann

Chapter 3 Sources and Characterization Approaches of Odour and Odour-Causing Bodily Compounds in Worn Clothing

Mourad Krifa and Mathilda Savocchia

Chapter 4 Axillary Odour Formation and Retentio: Role of Textiles Fibers and Fabric Structure

R. Rathinamoorthy and G. Thilagavathi

Chapter 5 Textile Odour Control by Adsorption

Ayşegül Çetmeli Bakadur and Ahmet Çay

Chapter 6 Odour Control or Inhibition Using Antimicrobial Finishing

Rosie Broadhead, Laure Craeye, and Chris Callewaert

Chapter 7 Herbal Antibacterial Agents as Odour Control Finish in Textiles

R. Rathinamoorthy and G. Thilagavathi

Chapter 8 Fragrance Finishing on Textile Substrate for Odour Control

Hemamalini Thillaipandian and Giri Dev Venkateshwarapuram Rengaswami

Chapter 9 Textile and Other Odours: Focus on Third-Hand Smoke and Laundry Odour

R. Rathinamoorthy and G. Thilagavathi

Chapter 10 Textile Cleaning and Odour Removal

Kirsi Laitala, Ingun Grimstad Klepp, and Vilde Haugrønning

Chapter 11 Odour Evaluation Techniques in Textiles Area: Introduction of E-nose as a Potential Alternative Tool

Sima Shakoorjavan, Somaye Akbari, and Dawid Stawski

Chapter 12 Odour Testing Methods and Regulatory Norms

Anton P. van Harreveld, Rajal Shinkre, Carmen Villatoro, Charlotte Tournier, and Saisha Naik

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