Fiber and Textile Engineering in Drug Delivery Systems

  • No. of pages: 570
  • Language: English
  • Published: January 27, 2023
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780323961172


Fiber and Textile Engineering in Drug Delivery Systems explains how innovative textile processing methods including rotary spinning, microfluidics, wet spinning and electrospinning can be used to produce novel drug delivery solutions. This topical book provides detailed descriptions of how to produce such new materials for this purpose, with foundational content to help readers from a range of backgrounds understand the context of material selection and design decisions.

Emphasis is given to the engineering side of the manufacturing of the textile and its role in drug delivery, but this also acts as a guide to pharmaceutical applications of textile fibers for materials scientists. Drug delivery research is rapidly expanding and experimenting with new materials to drive improved clinical outcomes as the efficacy of the therapeutic molecule is highly dependent on the right choice of carrier system.

Recently, fiber based carriers at both nano and micro scales are gaining interest in the scientific community due to ease of manufacturing, high surface area to volume ratio, desirable drug release kinetics and high mechanical strength.

Available to pre-order published 27 January 2023

Key Features

  • Describes methods for material selection and design for drug delivery systems
  • Provides case studies to explain how these techniques can be applied successfully
  • Covers the regulatory and legal aspects of the use of the textiles and fibers in drug delivery


Researchers in industry and academia with an interest in applications of textiles in biomedicine, or innovative drug delivery systems

Table of Contents

  • 1. Drug-releasing textile materials
    2. Development of Drug delivery systems using Bio-textiles
    3. Applications of Fibrous Biomaterials for Drug Delivery
    4. Biomaterials based fibers for enhanced wound healing and effective skin regeneration
    5. Synthetic and natural nano-engineered biomaterials for smart transdermal drug delivery
    6. Herbal fibers: A new hope for drug delivery
    7. Advanced drug delivery systems using silk-fibroin
    8. Scope of using hollow fibers as a medium for drug delivery
    9. Plausible Role and Drawbacks of DNA nanotubes in drug delivery
    10. Nanofibre structures as drug delivery system
    11. Electrospun Nanofibers as Smart Drug carriers: Method of production, Problems, solutions and Applications
    12. Development and encapsulation of anticancer drugs by nano fibrous drug delivery systems
    13. Potential of stem cells in combination with natural and synthetic fibrous polymeric hydrogel for wound healing dressing
    14. Applications of plasma polymer coatings on textile surfaces to combat microbial infections