Inorganic and Composite Fibres

  • Published:
    • 2018
  • Format:
    • Hardcover
  • ISBN:
    • 9780081022283

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Inorganic and Composite Fibers: Production, Properties, and Applicationsprovides a comprehensive review on the development, production and application of modern inorganic and composite fibers. Particular emphasis is placed on current production processes, parameters and finishing and functionalization methods for improving their properties and the problems associated with the testing of fibers. Fibers covered include carbon, glass and basalt fibers, metal fibers, such as copper and steel, fibers coated with silver or gold, and nitinol. In addition to pure inorganic fibers, the book looks at organic fibers with a high level of inorganic content, such as cellulosic fibers.

Including contributions from leading experts from universities, research institutes, and producing companies, this book assists materials scientists and engineers in the composites, automotive, textile and medical industries to more efficiently and effectively select fibers for a range of different applications areas.

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