Natural Dyes for Sustainable Textiles

  • No. of pages: 220
  • Language: English
  • Published: February 1, 2023
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780323852579


Natural Dyes for Sustainable Textiles describes how manufacturing processes that are safer, more energy efficient, and more sustainable can be achieved through the use of natural dyes. There are three main elements of sustainability, they are: economic, social, and environmental, and natural dyes can make a positive contribution to all three. A number of the textile industry’s largest producers have adopted natural dyes as part of their bid to make their products more sustainable, in response to consumer demand as well as their own consciousness of environmental issues.

This unique book draws on the latest research to provide practical technical advice on safer and greener processing of fabric, minimizing the use of hazardous chemical dyes. Details of preparation methods at stages including wet processing, dyeing, and effluent management are provided with specific information on how the methods improve efficiency, as well as other advantages and limitations of each technology.

Available to pre-order published 01 September 2023

Key Features

  • Provides case studies of how to switch from synthetic to natural dyes, and what benefits resulted in real life
  • Describes a practical chemical management system, which involves natural dyes
  • Examines use of high-tech methods such as plasma and electron beam in textile surface modification


Textile engineers and research scholars working in textiles, with an interest in textile processing or sustainability

Table of Contents

  • 1. Sustainability and its Significance in Textile Wet Processing
    2. Role of Natural Dyes in Making Sustainable Textiles
    3. Using Chemical Management System(CMS) in Natural Dyeing Process to Make it Sustainable
    4. Room Temperature Natural Dyeing for Energy Conservation
    5. Water Less Natural Dyeing to Make it Sustainable
    6. Use of Newer Technologies in Natural Dyeing- Plasma and Electron Beam
    7. Natural Dyeing on Polymeric Material
    8. Sustainable Processing of Textiles
    9. Effluent Management from Natural Dyeing Unit
    10. Case Study to Exemplify Sustainable Measures Taken
    11. Traditional Block Printing for Sustainability
    12. Sustainability in Natural Dye Printing

Available to Pre-Order. Published 1 September 2023